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We rely on happy customers to grow our business and help more homeowners enjoy the benefits and cost savings of clean renewable energy. To show our appreciation, we pay our customers $250 for each referral, upon completion of the referral’s installation. Please share with us the contact information for friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, or any homeowner interested in going solar and we will take care of the rest. Please let us know if you have any questions and we appreciate you sharing a good thing with good people.

Stories From Our Community

Johnnie G.

West Covina

``Energy Service Partners installed my solar panels last year 9/16. The staff was great on answering my calls for just about anything and the installers were very professional and nice to my dog. The installation looked really nice and clean. After almost 8 months of solar panel usage, my bill dramatically dropped big time.. Thank you very much to Gary Gietz and his team!!!``

Lalo M.


``Gary of Energy Service Partners was the lead in getting my Solar Panels installed. First, since I had a 25-year-old wood shingle roof, he helped me find a roofer who could remove it, had the solar panel mounts set in, and followed with the roofer installing concrete Tiles around the solar panels. As part of the process, they insulated my attic, and replaced all the light bulbs in my home with energy saving bulbs. I keep my a/c on all day, my plasma TV plugged in all day, and my electric Kia car plugged in each night, and my electric bill is averaging 5 dollars a month. I am so happy and satisfied with the quality of the work, and the efficiency of the panels. I recommend ESP to anyone interested in Solar Energy for their home or business.``

Autumn Perkins


Our consultant went above and beyond and our installers were awesome. You could not ask for a more professional group of men. Left my home spotless and start to finish was done within the month. So pleased.

Ed Sanchez


``I live in the Whittier area. Energy Service Partners came to my home and they installed my brand new solar system. I appreciated the entire crew who came in an did a very thorough and professional job. I would highly recommend them to others because they were extremely on point. Because of what they did at my home, I will now expect no electric bills, making us very happy. Thanks ESP!``

Alan C.

Long Beach

``They were professional from the start and not pushy like some of the other solar companies, that just wanted me to sign papers right away. They were done with the install in TWO weeks, not six months like other companies had estimated. Edison took a month to certify/inspect and credit my electric bill. my bill has dropped to Ten dollars a month! compared to 7-8 hundred a month, I couldn't believe it, but it's true. I wish they would have knocked on my door sooner, I would have saved a lot of money with my solar panels. Gary is a super cool down to earth guy!``

Colleen F.


``I met with Energy Service Partners September 2015. I had been approached several times before about leasing or buying solar panels, but I had numerous electrical problems in the home I had purchased ``as is``. I told Gary that I couldn't put in solar till I dealt with my other electrical and AC issues. He offered to help me correct all the issues along with installing a solar system. My solar system is working well and my summer electric bills of $500-$600 a month are now just $5 a month. I have two pregnant daughters at home right now and I'm grateful we can have a cool, pleasant home without my living in fear of my electric bills. THANK YOU ENERGY SERVICE PARTNERS!``

Suwanee T.

Simi Valley

``Honest and reliable! They were the best simply because they kept their word and did what they said they would do. From the initial site inspection to the final clean up they did it right. Jordan took care of everything perfectly from beginning to end and the entire project got done even before he said it would. Would do it again exactly the same way with this same great organization. Big thumbs up!``

Kimberly A.


``The installation process was a learning experience for me as this was one new fairly big project to my house, but with the help of my project coordinator I was well aware of things that would take place. The whole process took about 3 weeks and my panels look so good on my roof.

I just got my first electrical bill since I got set up, it's $1.43``

Genesia Z.


``I have not worked with such organized, detail oriented individuals! The experience was amazing and the quality of work is impeccable! They explained everything in detail, processed plans and permits on time, the installation of my pv panels was quick and now, my house stands out, not to say my savings are booming!!!``

Wendy D

North Hills

Energy Service Partners made my solar panel installation smooth & hassle free! Their customer service was excellent, and they were always available to answer any questions or concerns that I had. They did the site inspection, did engineering, and pulled permits for the projects in no time, and their installers were extremely professional and careful with my home. Since they completed the installation and got the paperwork all done, I have saved so much money on my electric bill! I would highly recommend everyone going solar and doing it with Energy Service Partners.

John E.


A great job! From first meeting with Wendell to weeks later, Energy Service Partners was amazing. The great guys who did the installation were clean, quick, respectful and extremely efficient. Everyone involved had the time to answer our many questions about next steps, the system, and the process from beginning to end. What a great company and really fine people. I would highly recommend working with the folks as ESP!!!

Brendan B.


Before going with Energy Service Partners, I checked out a few other companies and did my homework about leasing vs. purchasing and other questions I had. Micah was up front and able to answer all my questions. I knew what I wanted and they were able to provide it at a great price point. Installation was smooth which impressed me They showed up on time, were very organized and clean and paid a lot of attention to safety. The whole process was smooth from beginning to the end and I was kept in the loop throughout the process. Thank you Micah and a big thanks to everyone at Energy Service Partners.

Richard Y.


I am very happy with the results of what turned out to be a good decision. The installation work was done in a very professional and quality way. The system looks great, works well, and is saving us money. The crews were polite, professional and even cleaned up after themselves. I was shocked it took us less than three weeks from when we first met to having the system installed on our roof. So quick and it never felt I was being rushed. I love the feeling that comes when I feel like I made a smart choice. Where you know, I am feeling really good right now. Use Energy Service Partners…you can’t go wrong.

Victoria A.


I was paying over $200 a month with Edison and knew my bills were going to continue to climb. I am so glad I found Energy Service Partners. Working with Energy Service Partners was a very pleasant experience for me. After shopping around for over 2 months, I finally decided to go with them. Looks like I made the right decision. They impressed me from the beginning. Installation was smooth and I have not experienced any issues since (6 months and counting). I will continue to recommend them to friends and family and have nothing but good to say about Energy Service Partners. Thanks for a great job Gents!

Lily S.

La Mirada

I love the customer service of this company. From day one, they take care of everything. I worked with Micah at the beginning while we designed our system and the financing route that was best for my family. The transition from Micah to my project manager Jordan was seamless. The people at ESP are awesome, from the office folks to the highly skilled delivery and set up pros. I definitely recommend Energy Service Partner to anyone wanting to save money and go solar. Top Notch from beginning to end!!!

Jose N.


We recently installed a solar system on our roof and I believe Energy Service Partners deserves the credit for making this the most amazing and smooth decision of my life.
Since we decided to move forward the ESP team has brilliantly handled everything from the initial site inspection, system design, securing the city permits, set up and delivery of the system and keeping me informed every step of the way. With my engineering background I realize there is a lot of technical stuff involved in a project like mine but with their remarkable team and refined processes it felt as simple as buying a cup of coffee for me.
I am so happy that I selected ESP to do my project. I am a big fan and will definitely recommend them to everyone I know who is looking to go green.

Sandra V.

Long Beach

Energy Service Partner is a great company and has amazing customer service. It's been a little less than a year since our service was turned on and I couldn't be more impressed with the solar system and with our decision to use ESP. When researching solar companies we received quotes from a few other solar companies. ESP was very competitive but not the cheapest company out there. So glad we didn’t attempt to save a few dollars and go cheapo. We knew other friends who had used them so we knew which way we wanted to go. We made a great choice. They were remarkable! A great investment for me and my family.

David B.


ESP makes installing solar panels and the entire process look easy! They're super fast, efficient, and know how to do everything right the first time. I totally enjoyed having Trevor in our home and the way he showed us the variety of energy savings choices we had. He led us gently to a great decision. He introduced us to all the folks at ESP. All their employees are professional, kind, patient and respectful. They are always happy to answer our questions and promptly return calls! Great to work with and a top level service business. Call ESP.

Danielle G.

Mission Hills

Energy Service Partners is a company that has worked wonders for me. The installation process was very impressive. “Smooth and Seamless” to say the least. Seeing the panels up on the roof for the first time was very exciting for us. Amazing work fellas and know that my family really appreciates the great way you do your business. Thanks for helping me save some money and feel good that I am doing my part for the environment too!

Marvin M.

Santa Clarita

I have been looking into solar panels for my roof for quite a while. It wasn't until I was contacted by David with Energy Service Partners that I finally made the decision to pull the trigger and get it done… and so happy I did! They helped me through the process step by step and they were there always when I had any questions. What a great experience and now my bill is close to zero every month! I not only got a great price but a quality system, experience and a great warranty to boot. Just know these guys will take great care of you and will do it right the first time. I am happy and I am sure you will be too.

Frank C.


Utility rates in California are extremely high so in order to reduce our cost of living we made up our minds a few years ago to go solar. We started then to look into solar energy and wanted something affordable with a company with a great reputation. We took our time. We are so happy we heard about Energy Service Partners. It was a major decision to go solar and we are so happy we selected the right provider for us. They were great at keeping us in the loop and made sure things got done quickly and with great quality. Quality equipment and great people! They took amazing care of us from initial scheduling to installation. It is not easy to find a company that keeps it word and does what they promise but we found one when we hired ESP!

Ardon H.


We are so happy we found Energy Service Partners! What a great company. It started with our initial energy evaluation. Bobby was very informative, knowledgeable, and helped us make the best decision for us. Our money tree is not working right now so cutting our utility bill like this is such a blessing. We have been researching solar companies for months, and ESP has everything we were looking for. The project manager, Jordan, kept us in the loop on everything and our solar system looks amazing just like our new electrical bill. Love it! Thanks ESP!

Ryan D.


I selected Energy Service Partners to do the installation at my home. I must say that my new friends at Energy Service Partners were amazing and far exceeded my expectations. They gave me the best deal of all the companies. Gary with Energy Service Partners was by far the most knowledgeable about solar systems and presented himself without any pressure and provided just good honest information about what would be the best for me. The office people and the installation crews were absolutely the best. I would highly recommend Energy Service Partners to anyone looking to install a solar system.

Rona G.

Los Angeles

Energy Service Partners is an extremely easy company to work with. Getting solar was a lot easier than I had imagined with the help of these guys. The project manager Robert was on top of my job from the beginning to the end. The installation crew was very professional and highly skilled about their part of the process. I was set up in no time and paid nothing out of my pocket amazingly. Time to start saving thanks to my friends at Energy Service Partners.

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